EVS continues its partnership with the HERA Awards
Encouraging young people to think at 360°

LOGO MTA Sustainable ITThrough the "HERA Award Sustainable IT" prize for excellence, EVS, the eminent Walloon company and global leader in live video production technologies, and the Foundation for Future Generations have joined forces to encourage young people to have a 360° perspective on information technology for sustainable development.

After three years of partnership, EVS has decided to continue - and double - its support for the "HERA Award Sustainable IT" for a further three years. This award is part of the "HERA Award" family of prizes, bestowed annually by the Foundation for Future Generations. The "HERA Award Sustainable IT" for students from Belgian French speaking universities is awarded in recognition of master's theses in the field of information technology that adopt a systems approach, with a 360° perspective, specifically in relation to sustainable development.

Serge Van Herck comments on this partnership in a video interview.

"Engagement has been intrinsic to the culture and values of EVS since its establishment. When we found out about the HERA Awards, we fully embraced the 360° approach. It aligns with social engagement, something that we have been involved in for some time, whether for the environment, with members of our team or in the communities in which we are active", explains Serge Van Herck, CEO of EVS. "Moreover, this award is a powerful tool to spur students to be interested in information technology and push technological knowledge forward".  

"The continuation of EVS’ support is clearly fantastic news in a year marked by COVID!" says Benoît Derenne, director of the Foundation for Future Generations. "Indeed, information technology opens up a new horizon of opportunities and profoundly transforms our ways of accessing information, communicating, teaching, buying, working, managing our towns, and our mobility… This transition, accentuated by the public health crisis that we are experiencing, gives rise to a number of challenges: the environmental impact of digital technology, fake news, security and management of information systems, privacy, data access and sharing, and predictive analysis (behaviour, health, etc.), amongst others. These challenges demonstrate the extent to which our sustainable responses must absolutely incorporate a 360° perspective, that is to say, simultaneously considering social, ecological and economic issues as well as questions relating to participation and governance. We hope that young people will seize upon these challenges with a more systemic vision of the consequences".

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